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Sharon thinks no one will believe her by Tiffany-Hultcrantz
Sharon thinks no one will believe her

Sharon jumps to her feet as the Scarlet Avenger runs off.  She sighs "no one is ever going to believe this."

The Scarlet Avenger starts to leave by Tiffany-Hultcrantz
The Scarlet Avenger starts to leave

Sharon nods and tries to see if there are signs of old battle wounds on the Scarlet Avenger.  She notices none.  "Do you see yourself as a vigilante?"

The Scarlet Avenger shakes her head "well if they have to call me that, then so be it.  Remember it is the ones who most resent my work who used that word in negative terms.  To the people I have helped vigilante is synonymous with hero."

Sharon looks at her confused "you want to be judged by those who you have helped not by those whose careers have been damaged by your work?"

The Scarlet Avenger glares back at her "if you mean the police then I have already told you what I think of them.  Now Ms Stevenson, you have your interview, it is time for me to leave."

Sharon frowns "but how do you discover where these crimes are going to take place and subsequently intervene?"

The Scarlet Avenger is walking towards the door and then turns "I am a woman of many talents Ms Stevenson.  To fight these gangs you have to be very resourceful.  it takes more than just brute strength.  I bid you good night."  She then runs down the stairs and out the front door."

The Scarlet Avenger recalls her previous perils

Sharon nods "yes I have researched your bio.  A history of disappearing and comebacks.  You seem to have needed recharging often.  When I was young myself I had heard you were killed by gang members.  Does this mean you have been captured and escaped death, needing time to recover from perils and torments."

The Scarlet Avenger thinks back to the first time Lucas captured her and tied her to the train tracks "well peril is part of the game.  I suppose a little convalescences is for recharging and regaining focus."

The Scarlet Avenger tells her story by Tiffany-Hultcrantz
The Scarlet Avenger tells her story


The Scarlet Avenger nods slowly "Sadly our police force has not had very thorough hiring practices.  They avoid the best and brightest for those that easy to manipulate."

Sharon writes all of this down and then asks "how do mean easy to manipulate?"

The Scarlet Avenger smirks "Ms Stevenson I should not do all of your work for you.  You have so much work to do.  Find out the criteria of the SPD hiring standards."

Sharon blushes as she feels she has just been insulted but she continues "There have been stories of the Scarlet Avenger going back 10 or more years.  How long have you been fighting crime."

The Scarlet Avenger smiles "well since I was just a youngling.  I learned early that I had a certain talent.  I learned later that I was made to do it."

Sharon nods engrossed in her tale "you used to beat up the school bullies and young gang members..."

The Scarlet Avenger nods "yes indeed.  Things were cleaned up for a while."

Sharon then says sadly "but you disappeared for a while.  it was rumoured that you were dead."

The Scarlet Avenger shakes her head "I needed to recharge.  I took on a lot responsibilities for a child."

Sharon interviews the Scarlet Avenger by Tiffany-Hultcrantz
Sharon interviews the Scarlet Avenger

Sharon slowly walks to chair by the desk.  She is still startled and is shaking.  She sits in the chair to calm herself.  She then looks at the Scarlet Avenger and asks "why are you here?'

The Scarlet Avenger says in response "I think you need to know my story or am I wrong?"

Sharon nods "true.  You are the talk of the town, maybe the whole state."

The Scarlet Avenger smiles slightly "well ask any question you would like.  I will obviously not answer certain ones."

Sharon steadies her nerves gets out a pen and paper.  "does that mean I can not ask for a selfie?'

The Scarlet Avenger chuckles softly "of course no selfies."

Sharon sighs "well then since you are not likely to tell me who you are can you tell me why you started this quest of yours to fight crime?'

The Scarlet Avenger nods "The name says it all.  I am avenging those who cannot defend themselves.  I have a talent and as those with certain talent, I want to use it in the best way I can, the defend the helpless against those who exploit them."

Sharon nods and looks at her up and down, "well I guess this talent is your fighting skills.  You have been able to overcome three men at once.  That is something for a woman who seem to be of average size if athletic in build.  How do you determine who is defenseless?"

The Scarlet Avenger glares at her "a woman alone is convenience store at night is obvious.  I go where the police seem reluctant to tread or are persuaded not to."

Sharon squints her eyes as if she does not believe what the Scarlet Avenger says "you think that the police in Springdale are corrupt?"

I am sad to announce what was expected to happen has happened and my Mother passed away this last Saturday.  Since I am the executor of the will I have been very busy dealing with the details that surround the death of the loved one.  That is an unfortunate aspect of such a loss.  Not only are emotionally shaken but you have to struggle with all of the bureaucratic details that we never think off until the loss occurs.  Fortunately I have had time to prepare and I am struggling away at it.  Oddly enough because most of my time is spent waiting for phone calls, I have been spending a lot of time on SL killing time.  Right now I yet into the mood to post anything on DA but I will be in a little while.  We shall see. 


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