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Thank you all for the positive response to my recent postings in the story "Sarah Burton and the Smugglers".  Yes it was a classic peril.  Thankfully she escaped in the nick of time.  However how soon will it be before she is placed in another sinister peril.  Well it will be a couple weeks in real life time.  That is because I have some real life pleasures to indulge in for a little while.  I will be back with Sarah soon but for the next few days I will be away from SL and DA.  Keep checking.  I will be back soon enough.
I will also be doing some clean up work soon so if you like some of my earlier work, download it.  I will be deleting some of my earliest images and upgrading others.


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Hosed and helpless they are all at your creative are a wonderful addition to this website!
Truly creative, indeed.
love the tears of the tied up captive woman.....
Tiffany-Hultcrantz Mar 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes it does make the scene more realistic.  After when we are bound, half naked and put into peril, we are seldom happy about it.   
Eidolon1 Feb 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice to see you still creating art.  Happy valentines Day to you.
Tiffany-Hultcrantz Feb 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you.  Happy whatever holiday is coming your way too.  It is Family Day this Monday in Ontario and President's Day in the USAWink/Razz 
Eidolon1 Feb 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Its good to hear from you again.  I get to celebrate President's Day here in the good old USA.  Thanks for the message.
Thank you for the watch :)
Hiya, Tiffany,

Haven't been visiting here is quite a while (apologies, too!). But today I spent some time catching up with what you've posted. There certainly was a lot. I had a couple of thoughts:

1. At this point, the images you want to do to accompany the complexities of the stories you wish to tell are no longer capable of being represented well using SL snap technologies. The app is just too limited. It continually gives your images loosies, mismatched character sizes, distorted bodyshapes, stiff joints, lack of prop continuity, etc. This becomes really disturbing to the viewer who wants to take your stories more seriously. Wish you'd stop messing with SL roleplaying and devote the time to a drawing app that would allow you to better illustrate your delicious storylines.

2. About the storylines: I admire you for allowing many of your bodiceripper stories to be taken to their logical...and very fatal...conclusions. This takes guts to do, since it's likely to alienate readers who want their stories strictly following the "happy ending" format. So being more realistic from time to time is fine, despite the blood. Good for you.

3. At the same time, it's strange that you seem to wish to have the story and accompanying images depict your Victorian (Edwardian?) DiDs mostly in their underclothes, not nude. A more realistic story would have the captors taking full advantage of every single bound and gagged female they can get their hands on – especially if her ultimate fate is terminal. So why so reticent about nudity and sex? Isn't the gory stuff much more over-the-top than a sex scene?

Overall, the stories you write are quite okay with me. They do a good job of evoking place and events. I just wish you had a better drawing app at your command, but I understand why you're using SL.

I promise to return again soon! Keep up the good work!

Tiffany-Hultcrantz Aug 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Thank you very much for you insights.  Actually I have similar opinions regarding SL and its limitations.  I am open to suggestions if you are aware of another affordable means of creating images that suit these stories. 

I would like to address some of your other point.  Although, I like the story to ultimately have a happy ending and with one exception the heroine of the tale usually survives.  It is the supporting characters that usually meet grisly endings.  In some cases it is a male character who is meets a grim end too.  The death of these characters helps create a sense of suspense for those readers who follow the stories to their completion.  I seem to have developed a fairly large following so this seems to have been successful. 

Regarding the clothing and attire of my damsels, I tend to agree that it is odd that in the period pieces the damsels tend to wear their lingerie while in peril but there are several reasons behind this.  I am aware that most of the people who enjoy these tales are fetishists by nature, hence they enjoy certain aspects of female clothing being worn when the damsel is in peril.  There was some debate about the recent peril of Tara McFadden who is clad in pantyhose and underwear.  We were thinking of placing her nude during this scene but we stuck to the fetish of the antagonist decided against this.  I have had quite a few positive responses with regard to the period undergarments that my damsels are wearing in peril so I think I have done the right thing here.  As for the captors taking advantage, this might be true that they would take off all her clothing.  I think that they definitely would like to make the damsel feel more vulnerable as they place her in peril and they usually do this by taking away dresses and shoes.  In Victorian times this alone would very much a form of humiliation for a damsel of the period.  It is also not always the case that the Victorian damsels do not get stripped naked in these tales.  When captured by primitive peoples the damsel gets stripped before being tortured and burned at least twice. 

With regards to the actual sex, I have been reluctant to have my damsels get raped.  We have done once and the actual sex is "off screen"  This is because DA does not approve of graphic sex or at least that is how I understand it. 

Finally I like the stories to be exotic in both local and period.  This is of personal interest to me.  I am both well traveled in rl and I have an academic background in history.  Thank you for taking the time to post such a detailed commentary and I hope to hear from you again. 

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