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Lucas and Darius are fearful by Tiffany-Hultcrantz
Lucas and Darius are fearful

Neither Lucas nor Darius see where he goes.  They scan the room with the flashlight but the Red Mask disappears.  They both step outside.

Darius looks concerned as he stops outside of the front door.  "Look this is getting serious.  This guy was pissed at us.  I could tell it in his tone.  Now he has reinforcements in town to take care of his business."

] Lucas nods and looks thoughtful "I know what you think.  If we continue to fuck up then we will be taken care of too.  Well let's not fuck up."  They both go to Darius's car and drive off,

The Red Mask tells them what has to be done by Tiffany-Hultcrantz
The Red Mask tells them what has to be done

The Red Mask shakes his head "she would not have identified you.  Regardless now the Feds are going to investigate this affair and look into Armoured Protection.  That is not good!  Regardless all seemed to be going well you failed in your attempt to blow up the Tryco Chemical plant.  True you were able to defeat the Scarlet Avenger but you did not kill her and she foiled your attempt to blow up the plant.  An utter failure gentlemen."

Darius peers at the Red Mask and notices that he does not appear armed.  Perhaps he had a hidden pistol.  Regardless he was growing increasingly uneasy.  The Red Mask was obviously disappointed in their work and might be motivated to punish Lucas and himself."

Lucas nods in agreement "I must admit that I got too excited in capturing my adversary.  I wanted to torture her and make her suffer.  I should of just stabbed her.  I am sorry."

The Red Mask nods "yes Lucas you did fail however thus far the Dragon's Disciples have been very pleased by your work.  This incident will be forgiven for now but not forgotten.  The Scarlet Avenger is back at work keeping our people from controlling this town.  This will soon stop.  I have brought in reinforcements to take care of the Scarlet Avenger.  This brings us to another problem, Sharon Stevenson."

Darius growls "fucking bitch!"

The Red Mask chuckles at the exclamation "well said Darius.  She has brought up some of our old crimes and they are now being looked into by the police.  She has interviewed Jarvis Drummond and is convinced that he is not responsible of the murders we attempted to pin on him.  Thus far you work here was excellent in this project Lucas.  Sadly Drummond has yet to be convinced that he murdered Pamela Byrd.  Now a source at the Asylum for the Criminally Insane has been talking to the press."

Lucas intercepts   "not Russ!"

The Red Mask groans "Of course not.  You must find out who that source is.  Take care of this.  Our re-reinforcements are going to take care of both Sharon Stevenson and the Scarlet Avenger.  Any questions gentlemen?'

Lucas speaks up "Rose's cafe has yet to pay into our protection program.  My brother is pissed off at the co-owner."

The Red Mask glares back "then kill her.  Just be careful.  The cops are disturbed but the recent rash of murders of women."

Lucas smiles back "consider it done."

Darius now speaks "what of this woman that had been meeting with Melissa Martin.  Now she is talking to Sharon Stevenson.  I want to know who she is."

The Red Mask nods "well my operative will find out for you when Sharon Stevenson is captured. Now gentlemen get to work."

The Red Mask then steps out of the light.

The Red Mask appears by Tiffany-Hultcrantz
The Red Mask appears

It is dark inside the warehouse.  Lucas uses his flashlight to scan across the large ground floor room.  Out from behind come large crates comes a figure.

The Red Mask greets them happily "Good evening gentlemen."

Lucas nods "hello."

Darius also nods "Hello."

The Red Mask steps towards them.  "I have been reading reports about the progress of the Dragon's Disciples in Springdale and I must admit I am disappointed.  At one time victory seemed to be within our grasp but now problems have arisen."

Lucas tries to smile "I agree but......"

The Red Mask snaps at him "Let me continue without interruptions! Our problems begin at the Springdale National Bank.  Unfortunately Lisa Dryden proved to be a very diligent worker with high moral standards.  Thanks to your brother Lucas, our hand was forced.  She had to be taken care of.  This was well done Lucas.  Her body has not been found however the police now consider her disappearance a likely homicide.  The guard was killed too.  This only makes things worse as the murder of an innocent would."

Lucas whimpers "we did not want a witness."

Lucas and Darius arrive at the warehouse by Tiffany-Hultcrantz
Lucas and Darius arrive at the warehouse

It is after dark that same day.  Darius called Lucas about Sharon's visit and thinks that the situation needs to be urgently taken care of.  Lucas states that he already was going to meet with the Red Mask for instructions.  Darius was to come along.

At 8pm they visit the old warehouse where they murdered Melissa Martin.

Darius feels shivers as he and Lucas approach the front door.  "I don't know about going back to the place where we killed Melissa."


Lucas grins "You believe in ghosts?  Maybe she is haunting this place.  Ghosts are suppose to haunt the place where they were killed if their souls are not a peace."

Darius shakes his head "Naw it is not ghost.  What if the cops have the place under surveillance?”

Lucas shrugs "How would they know this was the place we killed her?"  He then opens the front door and they step inside.

Darius warns Sharon by Tiffany-Hultcrantz
Darius warns Sharon

Sharon stands and tries not to sound afraid "are you saying she ran off out of town.  Her family has not heard from her."

Darius smirks "well maybe she met a man who whisked her off her feet and took her to Tahiti.  Now Ms Stevenson, I think you might be disturbing my employee with your nasty stories.  Your money is no good here.  I must ask you to leave."

Sharon is growing increasingly fearful "Well good night then but don't think I won't continue in my quest to determine this mystery along with that of the other missing women in this town."  She then walks out of the hotel.

Hello followers.  Some of you might have already noticed some changes in the galleries featuring the Scarlet Avenger.  I have broken up the gallery into two different stories.  Originally it was titled the Reign of the Scarlet Avenger.  Now we have a two part story involving our heroine the Scarlet Avenger and her conflict with the Renard Brothers.  The first part of the story is called "The Peril of the Scarlet Avenger"  which ends with a flashback sequence detail the brutal murder of the Melinda Byrd"s (the Scarlet Avenger) Mother, Pamela Byrd. 
The second part of the story features the revenge and hopeful triumph of the Scarlet Avenger titled "The Triumph of Scarlet Avenger".  But will she be triumphant?


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