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Melinda and Rachel prepare for Lucas by Tiffany-Hultcrantz
Melinda and Rachel prepare for Lucas

Melinda sighs "that is what I fear, that their threats control his tongue.  That is why I am so anxious about Lucas Renard.  He is enforcer for hire."

Rachel winces "I know.  He is smooth too.  I know when I first met him, that he seemed rather agreeable.  That was during the Maggie Stone disappearance.  His mother was a holy terror."

Melinda gives another slight smile "Yes and that how she controlled those monsters she gave birth too.  Unfortunately she is gone now.  Lucas seems to control the other two now, even from prison."

Rachel nods in agreement "that is what I hear.  No one will cross him out of fear.  Even in prison, he was feared.  I heard that he kept the prisoners in line better than the prison guards.  Now he will be out soon.  Are you concerned.  I mean you think that he killed your Mother even if another suspect confessed."

Melinda glares at the desk in front of her.  "A suspect who was half crazy and subsequently hung himself in his cell?  Now how did that happen?  All I know is that the investigating detectives rushed to judgment too quickly when investigating my Mother's murder."  She takes another deep breath.  "Well with Lucas out of prison we will have to be vigilant."

Rachel smiles "well we can expect that the Scarlet Avenger will be I am sure."

Melinda laughs "Well I suppose she will.  Now Rachel, I am glad we have had this little chat.  Please be on your toes.  I fear that the Renards have no inhibitions about harming a police detective.  Please take care."

Rachel stands "yes I know.  If I will be sure to watch my back.  I will see you again soon Melinda.  It is always pleasure to share insights with you."  She then turns and exits.

Melinda briefs Rachel by Tiffany-Hultcrantz
Melinda briefs Rachel

Melinda nods and gestures to the chair before her desk "Yes I have to be.  Have a seat Rachel."  She pauses as Rachel sits down.

Rachel sits "those lawyers work wonders."

Melinda shakes her head "well the Devil's Disciples can afford the best."

Rachel smirks "I understand.  I know that they are a huge international syndicate but how involved are they here?"

Melinda sighs and says firmly "They are very involved and have been for twenty years.  They have their fingers in everything in this town, drug dealing, prostitution, extortion, you name it.  What it makes it worse is that we can never get a lead on who calls the shots in this syndicate. "

Rachel nods "well I suspect that they were behind the attempted arson at the Quickie Stop, the one that the Scarlet Avenger intervened. My that was close for the poor clerk, she almost was burnt to death but for the Scarlet Avenger. I don't know who she is but I know alot of locals owe her their lives."

Melinda smiles slightly "why Detective are you glad we have a vigilante running rampant throughout our town."

Rachel shacks her head frantically, "no, no I am against the idea of someone taking justice into her or his own hands but I do enjoy seeing those thugs getting their asses kicked by woman.  I just hope she does not kill anyone."

Melinda nods continuing to smile "well I sure that lynching is not on her agenda.  I do know if our local police force was not so......."  She stops and takes a deep breath.

Rachel says sadly "I know what you are going to say, corrupt.  I know it is getting better but we still have weak links and now that these gangs are entrenched in our town it is so difficult.  We need more financing but people don't want to have to pay for that in taxes."

Melinda nods "Yes it is hard to convince the public that they get what they pay for.  If they don't want to pay for quality civic services they won't get them.  That includes the police.  They are both poorly paid and trained."  She pauses to think "now tell me of the arrest made in the Quickie Stop incident, did he talk?”

Rachel growls "not a damn word.  He says he was just taking care of witness when he was going to burn the place down."

Melinda nods "Well I will try to plea bargain with the lawyer.  Maybe if he is offered a shorter sentence it will loosen his tongue."

Rachel nods "I hope that works but let’s hope who ever paid him to burn that place down does not cut out his tongue if he talks."

Melinda sighs "that is what I fear, that their threats control his tongue.  That is why I am so anxious about Lucas Renard.  He is enforcer for hire."

Rachel enters Melinda's office by Tiffany-Hultcrantz
Rachel enters Melinda's office

Detective Rachel Armstrong enters the office and smiles ironically at Melinda.  "I have bad news."

Melinda shakes her head. "I know, I know, Russell Renard has been released to the streets.  Even worse he has been reassigned.  The asshole did not even lose his job after terrorizing that poor woman."

Rachel drops her smile and groans "well I see you are on top of things."

Melinda works in her office by Tiffany-Hultcrantz
Melinda works in her office

Melinda Byrd is working in her office.  She has been reading emails and avoiding questions from reporters about the Scarlet Avenger.  She is more concerned about the imminent release of Lucas Renard.

There is a knock at her door.  She sighs and says "come in."

Rachel Armstrong leaves the station by Tiffany-Hultcrantz
Rachel Armstrong leaves the station

Detective Armstrong sighs "Well our sources says that Lucas has been working for organized crime in this town for the past fifteen years.  They provide the expensive lawyers that keep young thugs out of jail or at least keep their sentences short.  That is how Russell got off of his first assault case about 12 years ago.  Now it happened again."  She sighs and looks at her watch "oh look at the watch.  I have to meet Prosecutor Byrd.  I will catch you both again.  Good work on the arrest but the result is so disappointing."

Detective Armstrong heads out the exit.

Hello folks.  I am going to do some cleaning up shortly.  That means over the next couple of weeks I will be deleted some of my older stories.  The first to go is Justine Martel and Satan's Plateau.  This because I am finding some of the images are not up to scratch considering how I am using the latest technology in SL.  I will keep most of the bondage scenes in my miscellaneous section.  
I will also being doing some updates of old stories.  The first one will be Annabelle O'Keefe and the Pulau Musuh.  Eventually all of these images will be deleted too but they will also be upgraded.  The whole story will also be rewritten with new images. 


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