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Melinda wants to set things straight by Tiffany-Hultcrantz
Melinda wants to set things straight

Melinda slams her fist against her thigh "That jerk, how dare he?"  She leaps to her feet and clicks off the website.  "I will not listen to this slander!  I see that I am going to have to set the record straight!"

Melinda watches the interview by Tiffany-Hultcrantz
Melinda watches the interview

The image then changes and she now sees Captain Pompey sitting behind his desk, across from Sharon Stevenson.  Sharon asks "Captain Pompey will you now be resigning from the Springdale Police?"  He responds "yes I have tendered by resignation."  Sharon then asks "Now what can you do for city that you were not able to do as police captain?"

Pompey replies "I will now be able to work be able to bring enlightened economic theories that will turn this city around.  With good jobs, our youth will no longer be drawn to gangs as a means of making money."  Sharon nods "I see, what kind of employment will you attempting to draw into our city."  Pompey responds "I want manufacturing jobs. We need to cut corporate taxes so businesses will come back to Springdale.  We are now bleeding jobs to China."

Sharon smiles will asking another question "We had these jobs before with low taxes but manufactures left just the same.  How would you change that?"

Pompey looks angry "well lost those jobs because the unions drove up wages too much.  It was not profitable to operate in Springdale.  When organized labour drove up wages, they drove away the jobs."  Sharon replies "but they did not ask for higher wages but better working conditions.  Is job safety not important to you?"  Pompey growls "it is very important to me.  Just as safe streets are important to me so is a safe work place."  Sharon now looks much more intense "well then if safe streets was important why was crime going up in Springdale while you were Captain and chief of the street crime unit.  Only when the Scarlet Avenger appeared did the crime rate go down."

Esteban glares at Sharon "the Scarlet Avenger is a vigilante working beyond the law.  I am certain when we finally expose her, you will find out that she was fighting crime to enhance her own personal agenda."

Sharon snaps back "and do you have a theory about what that might be?"  Melinda then mutters "yes do you asshole?"  Esteban replies "She may be working for an alternate gang.  I have my suspicions that her attacks have been zeroing in on one gang in particular.  She might be operating for an opposing gang and disguising it as a fight for the common citizen."

Melinda watches Pompey's announcement by Tiffany-Hultcrantz
Melinda watches Pompey's announcement

Meanwhile across town, Melinda has just arrived back from what she told her staff was a lunch meeting.  She sits down at her desk and starts up her computer.  She immediately logs into a streaming online site and catches up on a local news event.

On the screen is the image of Captain Esteban Pompey, standing before his office desk.  She hears him make his announce  "Yes I would like to announce to the citizens of Springdale that I am entering the race for Mayor of this fine city."

Melissa is carried off by her abductors by Tiffany-Hultcrantz
Melissa is carried off by her abductors

Lucas smiles at the success of the abduction..  He walks to a parked car.  "Quick, stuff her into the trunk.  We will drive her to factory.  That drug will keep her out for a while."

Dimitri places Melissa into the trunk of the car.  He and Lucas then take their seat in the front.  They then drive off.

Lucas jumps out with a syringe by Tiffany-Hultcrantz
Lucas jumps out with a syringe

Just then Lucas Renard jumps out from a doorway with a needle in hand.  He grabs at Melissa and jabs the needle into her shoulder.

Melissa gasps and then groans as she falls limp.

Dimitri catches her before she falls to the sidewalk.

Hello folks.  I am going to do some cleaning up shortly.  That means over the next couple of weeks I will be deleted some of my older stories.  The first to go is Justine Martel and Satan's Plateau.  This because I am finding some of the images are not up to scratch considering how I am using the latest technology in SL.  I will keep most of the bondage scenes in my miscellaneous section.  
I will also being doing some updates of old stories.  The first one will be Annabelle O'Keefe and the Pulau Musuh.  Eventually all of these images will be deleted too but they will also be upgraded.  The whole story will also be rewritten with new images. 


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