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Sarah questions Susan about her past by Tiffany-Hultcrantz
Sarah questions Susan about her past

That night while Sarah is reading Susan enters her bedroom.

Sarah smiles slightly at her "hello Susan."

Susan nods and returns the smile "Hello Miss Burton.  Sir Jonathan is about to have a cup of tea.  Would you like me to prepare a cup for you too?"

Sarah shakes her head "no.  A cup of tea at this time of night keeps me up.  I would like to turn in early.  I am driving into Fort William tomorrow.  Sir Jonathan is lending me the auto."

Susan looks concerned "oh well drive safely.  Have you driven in Scotland yet?"

Sarah smirks "Yes, I drove to Stirling from Edinburgh with some friends.  It was challenging at first but I got used to it."

Susan nods in agreement.

Sarah sighs "This castle is intriguing but so isolated.  I feel almost like a prisoner here."

Susan smiles "but you are not.  We have not fettered you in chains."

Sarah laughs "Oh of course not but it does feel a bit like a dungeon especially with all of those hideous torture devices.  How did you happen to come by this place Susan.  I mean you come from China."

Susan takes a deep breath as she begins to tell her story.  "I was brought here by my parents after the Great War.  My father was very wealthy and disagreed with President Sun on many issues.  My parents became exiles so to speak.  It was good for me as I was educated in London away from the political chaos in China.  I met Sir Jonathan in London when he taught at the London University.  At the time I was in difficulty.  My father had lost all of his money in the stock market crash.  He died soon afterward of cancer.  My mother too soon died so I was left all alone in Britain.   I was Chinese girl with little prospects.  In Britain it is not easy for we Chinese to make a living.  There is much contempt for my people by the British.  I thought of going back to Shanghai where I do have relatives but I could not afford the fare for the voyage.  Now because of the war with those despicable Japanese, I am glad stayed.  I worked hard in odd jobs until I met Sir Jonathan."

Sarah listens intensely to the story "and where did you meet Sir Jonathan."

Susan shrugs "it does not need to told as the story is long.  He asked me to come here to work as his servant.  Perhaps when the Japanese are driven out of my country I will return to Shanghai.  I fear that day will never come."

Sarah sighs "War is so terrible.  I hope the war in China ends soon."

Susan nods "yes now I will leave you to your studies.  Have a good night Miss Burton."

Sarah thinks of going to town by Tiffany-Hultcrantz
Sarah thinks of going to town

Sarah finds it hard to concentrate on her studies in such a wondrous atmosphere.  She decides to ask Sir Jonathan if she can borrow his car to drive into town to pick up toiletries in the pharmacy and to have a cup of tea in one of the local pubs.

Sir Jonathan reluctantly agrees but warns her about driving on the left hand side of the road.

Sarah studies in her bedroom by Tiffany-Hultcrantz
Sarah studies in her bedroom
Over the next two days, Sarah organizes herself.  She wanders the castle corridors and the grounds nearby.  She is struck how the castle seems larger from outside.  At night she works on an essay in her bedroom. 
Sarah turns in for the night by Tiffany-Hultcrantz
Sarah turns in for the night

Sarah finishes her wine "yes and I am still so tired.  I suppose I must turn in soon."

Sir Jonathan nods and smiles "yes, well you did have a long day.  Have a good night and sleep well Sarah."

Sarah smiles back "I hope to.  Good night Uncle, Susan.'  She then walks back into her room.

Sir Jonathan tells Sarah about the tomb by Tiffany-Hultcrantz
Sir Jonathan tells Sarah about the tomb

Sarah nods "I will do exactly that."  She pauses and changes topic "This talk of the Tomb of Alexander the Great and Professor Macdonough’s interest in it, how do you feel about it?'

Sir Jonathan chuckles softly "well I must say I find it fascinating.  it is not as absurd as you might think.  It is said that Alexander's generals took his remains back to the city that was name after him and entombed him there but no one knows for sure where.  Lots of scholars and tomb robbers have been looking for it for centuries.  I think Macdonough might have had a clue where it was.  He hinted about a map."  He looks at Susan and stops "well they may be just wild fantasies."

Sarah looks engrossed. She then asks "If there was a map of some sort, where did he keep and why did he not start out on an expedition to find the tomb?"

Sir Jonathan laughs "as I said he was eccentric.  I would keep a map in a bank safety deposit box.  He did not trust the bankers.  Who does really after this depression?  No, the crazy professor chose to keep it in his property that being the castle that burned down."

Sarah shakes her head in disbelief.  "The castle that burned down?  The one that is supposedly haunted?   Was not everything destroyed in the fire?"

Sir Jonathan stares at her thoughtfully "well not quite but no furniture or book survived.  There was a safe that was damaged.  However the lawyer managed to open and found nothing like a map in side of it? It is quite a mystery especially.......well I say too much.  I want you to concentrate on your own studies, not the wild dreams of a dead, crazed professor."

I have begun posting another story about our young sleuth, Sarah Burton.  It is called "Sarah Burton and the Haunted Castle".  As you might guess it features a haunted castle and some nasty ghosts too.  It takes place in the Scottish Highlands in the region around the town of Fort William.  I have visited this area and found it strikingly beautiful. I have taken a few liberties in details about the region.  The castles (there are actually two here) where the story is set are fictitious.  I hope you enjoy it.


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