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Andrew listens to Melinda's plan by Tiffany-Hultcrantz
Andrew listens to Melinda's plan

Melinda nods as she regains her emotions "yes....well not quite.  Jarvis Drummond was arrested for the attempted murder of a Springdale police officer, Rachel Armstrong, she is now a detective with the SPD.  Drummond was in possession of some items that belonged to my mother.  Her shoes, wallet, ABM card and so on.  However my mother's body has yet to be found.  Drummond is also the lead suspect in the disappearance of two schoolgirls who also disappeared around the same time.  Some of there possessions were found at Drummond's trailer with my mother's items.  Still no bodies have shown up.  Drummond was declared not guilty by reason of insanity and sent to an institution for the criminally insane rather than prison.  I am not sure which is better,   Jarvis Drummond was a Vietnam War vet who believes that all women are succubuses who want to take away his soul.  I remember hearing of him was I was a child."

Andrew’s eyes brighten "if there has yet to be a conviction of anyone for your mother's murder then you can still prosecute Lucas for the murder.  I wonder if he also behind the murder of the schoolgirls."

Melinda says thoughtfully "most probably it was Russell Renard if not both.  They lived near Drummond's trailer in the State Forest.  Now I must get Detective Armstrong and Captain Pompey to reopen these cases.  The police were way to quick to jump to the conclusion that Jarvis Drummond was behind my Mother's disappearance.  Now I know otherwise, I am going to twist their arms and reopen the case."  She pauses "As I dangled from that hoist being tortured by Lucas, I felt briefly that the Dragon's Disciples were going to win control over Springdale and the state too.  It is ironic but the whole incident may bring their downfall simply because of Lucas' bragging."

Andrew nods and smiles "So you are going back to Springdale soon?'

Melinda says with fire in her eyes "yes as soon as my wounds heal."

Melinda tells Andrew of her peril by Tiffany-Hultcrantz
Melinda tells Andrew of her peril

Andrew has been listening to Melinda's account of her capture and torture by Lucas Renard.  He occasionally nods while he listens and tries to control his emotions.

Melinda tries to keep calm as she gives an accurate account of how she escaped being blown up a the chemical plant.

As Melinda finishes, Andrew speaks up.  He says with a grim expression on his face "you are very fortunate.  Lucas Renard is a particularly sadistic criminal who enjoys seeing his victims suffer.  Otherwise he would have just shot or strangled you. That would have been more efficient.  The Red Mask must be most disappointed that you were not swiftly killed."

Melinda sighs and nods "well thank goodness for his lack of care in my disposal."  She looks deeply saddened  "He admitted to kill my mother.  Of course he does not release that the Scarlet Avenger is the daughter of Pamela Byrd."  She pauses as she thinks of what Lucas said about how he tortured her mother.  For the first time her eyes grow moist.  She takes a tissue and dabs her eyes.

Andrew notices Melinda's calm beginning to crumble "You want revenge?"

Melinda frowns and nods "I know I must be careful.  It is when I let my emotions get the better of me that I lose control of the situation.  That is how I previously got captured by Lucas, the time I was tied to the train tracks."

Andrew grimaces "Oh yes, another inefficient attempt upon your life."  He pauses to gather his own thoughts "was not someone else arrested as a suspect in Pamela's disappearance."

Melinda talks with Andrew by Tiffany-Hultcrantz
Melinda talks with Andrew

 It is two nights later.  Melinda is suffering both from physical and emotional wounds after hear defeat and near death experience at the hands of Lucas Renard and Darius Taylor.  She has taken a week off of work at the District Attorney's office siting a family emergency in the town of Victoria.  She does indeed travel to Victoria to visit her grandfather, Andrew Byrd, the man who knows all about her secret identity as the Scarlet Avenger and her crusade against the Dragon's Disciples.

Andrew Byrd is the father of Melinda's father, Michael Byrd who died in a car accident when Melinda was just three.  He is a retired college professor who was also employed by a Federal Agency that tried to combat international crime syndicates.  His son Michael and daughter Katherine both worked for the same Agency.  Andrew is also an expert on the generations of the Scarlet Avengers and their battle with the Dragon's Disciples.

Mo and Kirk carry Pamela's corpse

Mo and Kirk cut down Pamela's corpse and take pick it up.

Lucas walks over to a grate and opens it up.  Down below is the Springdale sewer system "This is a magnificent way to dispose of a body..  Come guys.  Drop her down."

Mo and Kirk drop Pamela's remains into the sewers.  They hear a loud splash and both smile.

Lucas also smiles "well boys that was great work.  I hope that the next DA is more careful or she will end up like that."

Kirk smirks "yeah this one took the wrong career path."  he then laughs.

Lucas chuckles "yeah.  Good one, Kirky.  Now you guys better scram.  I will let the boss know what a great job you did.  As for me I have to prepare my plan.  A hired killers work is never done."

Kirk and Mo leave the boiler room as Lucas cleans up the mess left behind by the murder.

Pamela has died

Kirk now speaks up "Lucas stop it."

Pamela stops struggling against her bonds and just mutters “Melinda, Melinda.”

Mo nods in agreement "I....I think she is......"

Lucas steps back and turns off the torch.  He notices that Pamela is now perfect still hanging off of the ladder.

Mo sighs "she is dead!"

Kirk smells Pamela's remains "Fuck that stinks.  What do we do now?"

Lucas shudders as if in ecstasy.  He stops to think "Oh the others.  The sewers.....the rats take care of remains.  The bones get washed out into the sea current.  Cut her down."

I am sad to announce what was expected to happen has happened and my Mother passed away this last Saturday.  Since I am the executor of the will I have been very busy dealing with the details that surround the death of the loved one.  That is an unfortunate aspect of such a loss.  Not only are emotionally shaken but you have to struggle with all of the bureaucratic details that we never think of until the loss occurs.  Fortunately I have had time to prepare and I am struggling away at it.  Oddly enough because most of my time is spent waiting for phone calls, I have been spending a lot of time on SL killing time.  Right now I yet into the mood to post anything on DA but I will be in a little while.  We shall see. 


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